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Install / Update

​​ Install

​​ Install with npm

$ npm i @cloudflare/wrangler -g

​​ Install with cargo

Assuming you have Rust’s package manager, Cargo, installed, run:

$ cargo install wrangler

Otherwise, to install Cargo, you must first install rustup. On Linux and macOS systems, rustup can be installed as follows:

$ curl -sSf | sh

Additional installation methods are available on the Rust site.

Windows users will need to install Perl as a dependency for openssl-sysStrawberry Perl is recommended.

After Cargo is installed, you may now install Wrangler:

$ cargo install wrangler

​​ Manual install

  1. Download the binary tarball for your platform from the releases page. You do not need the wranglerjs-*.tar.gz download – Wrangler will install that for you.

  2. Unpack the tarball and place the Wrangler binary somewhere on your PATH, preferably /usr/local/bin for Linux/macOS or Program Files for Windows.

​​ Update

To update Wrangler, run one of the following:

​​ Update with npm

$ npm update -g @cloudflare/wrangler

​​ Update with cargo

$ cargo install wrangler --force