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Quickstarts are GitHub repositories that are designed to be a starting point for building a new Cloudflare Workers project. To start any of the projects below, run:

$ npx wrangler generate <NEW_PROJECT_NAME> <GITHUB_REPO_URL>
  • new-project-name

    • A folder with this name will be created with your new project inside, pre-configured to your Workers account.
  • github-repo-url

    • This is the URL of the GitHub repo starter, as below.

​​ Example Projects

Run different logic based on the URL and request method. Use this starter to Build REST APIs or applications that require routing logic.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app worker-router
Measure download/upload connection speed from the client side, using the Performance Timing API.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app worker-speedtest
Log exceptions and errors in your Workers application to - an error tracking tool.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app mhart/cf-sentry
Retrieve the dominant color of a PNG or JPEG image.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app xtuc/img-color-worker
Serve private Amazon Web Services (AWS) bucket files from a Worker script.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app conzorkingkong/cloud-storage
Serve a JavaScript Binary AST via a Cloudflare Worker.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app xtuc/binast-cf-worker-template
Use AWS services such as DynamoDB and SQS from a Cloudflare Worker.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app worker-aws
Use Vite to render pages on Cloudflare's global network with great DX. Includes i18n, markdown support and more.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app frandiox/vitessedge-template
Build a fast, globally distributed REST API using Cloudflare Workers and Fauna, the data API for modern applications.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app fauna-labs/fauna-workers
Use a Worker to capture analytics data with Analytics Engine.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app worker-analytics-engine-forwarder

​​ Frameworks

Hono is an ultrafast web framework built for Cloudflare Workers. This is a minimal project using Hono, TypeScript, esbuild, Miniflare, and Jest.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app honojs/hono-minimal
Lightning-fast, globally distributed Apollo GraphQL server, deployed on the Cloudflare global network using Cloudflare Workers.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app cloudflare/workers-graphql-server
The most flexible, fastest, and lightest GraphQL server for all environments, Cloudflare Workers included.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app the-guild-org/yoga-cloudflare-workers-template
Flareact is an edge-rendered React framework built for Cloudflare Workers. It features file-based page routing with dynamic page paths and edge-side data fetching APIs.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app flareact/flareact
Sunder is a minimal and unopinionated framework for Service Workers. This template uses Sunder, TypeScript, Miniflare, esbuild, Jest, and Sass, as well as Workers Sites for static assets.
$ npx wrangler generate my-app sunderjs/sunder-worker-template

​​ Built with Workers

Get inspiration from other sites and projects out there that were built with Cloudflare Workers.

Built with Workers